Eagle King

As Eagle King he sent his army to fight First Squad he eventually lost his head feathers making him Bald Eagle King. When he was bald eagle king the Zebra Brothers used his army's heads to blind first squad later on he along with his army became High Roller's air force with bata and hens. After Bat King and Hen Queen joined big green the bald eagles worked solo later in a devastating defeated the bald eagles became ostriches, eventually the zebra bros taught them to fly they again became bald eagles. After awhile the bald eagles drank sap from a magic tree making the pterodactyls. After being turned back into bald eagle king Twinmasters transformed him into a phoenix. After being regaining his bald eagle state he along with Polar Bear King joined big green.


As Pterodactyl King.


As Phoenix.


As eagle king and bald eagle king and pterodactyl king he has shown the ability spit grapes at high speeds. as ostrich king he with the help of his army can make a giant powerful ball. finally as phoenix he gained the ability project fire from his body


It took him several times to join big green.