In the third episode Mystique Sonia noticeses a pimple on her cheek. Yaksha tries to make it better but Mystique Sonia tells him that it can only make it worse. In the First Squad room Mr. No Hands tells Mystique Sonia that she is horrid and awful but when she finds presents for her she thinks that Mr. No Hands is wrong. While she is reading her love letter everyone's tummy got hungry. Mystique Sonia only grew 1 bun for the rest of the team.

At Liger Castle Ape Truly tries to give the ligers his golden presents. Somehow when the ligers want to borrow the tanks they wanted to attack everyone. When First Squad came out of Big Green to go to Liger Castle the Sailor Brothers gave Mystique Sonia a braclet. At Liger Castle Yaksha squesed Mystique Sonia's pimple and Golden Eye Husky got mad. After an attack of flame Yaksha turned into plain and Mystique Sonia burst into tears. While she was helled down to where Ape Truly and the Tank Army were,the rest of First Squad were really hungry so they took cover.

Mystique Sonia was still sobbing. One of the Tank Army members told her that he loved her 3 times and he turned into a Yaksha. And thats when everyone knew that Mystique Sonia had a spell on her. Back outside,First Squad were still hungry but Sonia came to the rescue with her buns. After eating the buns the First Squad members had their energies back and were ready to fight. After a few attacks the liger's skins were not feeling anything so evryone tickled them.

When the ligers were defeated Golden Eye Husky challenged First Squad to a ring throwing game. First they couldn't do it but Sonia remembered that her braclet has a signal on it. Once the Sailor Brothers noticed the signal they came to Liger Castle for the game. They did 3 throws perfectlly and the ligers decided to join Big Green. Mystique Sonia suddenlly noticed 2 pimples on her face. Yaksha thought about squesseing the pimples.