Lin Chung
Gender Male
Species Human
Weapon Bamboo Sniper, Harmonic Energy
First Appearance: Rabbit Castle
Last Appearance The Bronze Giant II

Lin Chung (林沖) is the most skilled sniper in Big Green. The cool, silent backbone of First Squad, Hero: 006 possesses the legendary Panther Eye Vision. This mysterious power allows Lin Chung to see great distances by holding his hands up to his eyes like binoculars. With Panther Eye Vision, he can also see action in slow motion while he moves at terrific speed. Lin Chung uses a long bamboo staff for his sniper gun and arms it with the extremely sharp ends of newly sprouted bamboo shoots. If his First Squad team members can’t find him, they know to look for Lin Chung in the bamboo forest where he mediates, calmly waiting for more ammunition to grow. Lin Chung's also has his "Master Stroke" in his arsenal which is devastating to all enemies. This move involves a great leap into the air while spinning his staff. He catches the staff, which propels his full body into a spin, projecting him at his opponent with massive force. Lin Chung is also an artist. He is rather obsessed with producing the perfect painting. And, although his artistic skills are not up to par when he first takes up the brush, he definitely matures and becomes quite a master. Unfortunately, he is often distracted from battle by an intriguing image that he feels he must paint.

Heroes of the Hidden Kingdom Edit

Lin Chung serves as one of the main protagonists of the game, but mostly as the leader of First Squad, which was now known to be "The Legion of Big Green", he possesses great skill and leadership of the team. He will be voiced by Kevin Conroy.

Heroes of the Hidden Kingdom - Abilities Edit

Cat Blast - When being used a platform with his emblem on it, he will go to a special stage of barrel blast to find the Golden Banana, or goal with his emblem once again. It is only bought for three red coins from Jon Peterson, the professor of his laboratory.

Strong Panther - Lin Chung can use this transformation when he's in the transformation barrel, with a use of speed from the Cheetahs, and he has to be careful for his speed meter, once it reaches to zero, he grow tired from running so hard. This ability can be bought for five red coins.

Predator Grab - Lin Chung can uses the ability to pull levers to unlock something, especially pulling the lever on the arcade games, Donkey Kong in Arcade 1981, and Street Fighter II in 1991.

Heroes of the Hidden Kingdom - Weapons Edit

Lin Chung uses his only Bamboo Staff that uses to shoot out Bamboo Shoots at enemies to knock them out, and presses the switches to open the gates that were closed.

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