Lion KIng
Gender Male
Species Lion
First Appearance: Lion Castle
Appears in Lion Castle

The Lion King made his first appearance in Lion Castle. As his name applies he's the ruler of the Lions. He's distinguished from his subjects through the markings on his head, the blue markings on his mouth, by the fact that the heart on his tail is empty, his larger size, and by the fact that he has the coloring of a real male lion. The lion king likes to play basketball and hula hoop and overall loves to be in top physical condition. In "Lion Castle", Commander ApeTrully tried to make peace with him but the Lion King tricked him and it resulted in ApeTrully getting used as a basketball. When First Squad and Red Face Kwan and his infantry came and beat his soldiers he challenged them to basketball. Seeing that normal basketball was too easy for them, he made it harder by using an iron ball and by having the net be pushed far away. They had trouble at first but Mystique Sonia beat him in the end (thanks to a ton of strength buns she ate earlier). Impressed by her strength, he joined Big Green and became the base's exercise coach.