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Rosefinch is the only female member of the Big Green Air Force. She is Hero: 104. And when Master Chou is absent, she acts as the Leader of the Air Force.


Lin Chung - She is usually rides with Lin Chung, only with in Eagle Castle, Bald Eagle Castle, the Pitched Battle of the Air Force, Enter the Dragon, The Sword of Dark Fire, and Roto-Wolves.

Commander ApeTrully - She sometimes usually informs ApeTrully about the humans are under attack in Rabbit Castle or Big Green is under attack, like the Fierce Battle of the Pig and Skunk Armies.

Hero: 108 - Heroes of the Hidden KingdomEdit

Rosefinch appears in the unknown game called, Hero: 108 - Heroes of the Hidden Kingdom, she appears in Jon's Laboratory, and the Air Force Armory, and in the beginning, she warns Lin Chung that Twin Masters have been returned after the battle in The Bronze Giant - Part 2. And in further information, after you unlock all of the members of First Squad she appears to be part of the Legion of Big Green, founded by Jon Peterson and lead by Lin Chung. She is voiced by Laura Bailey.

Hero: 108 - Heroes of the Hidden Kingdom - Abilities Edit

Rosefinch is maybe seen to be very good with ice abilities, for Mr. Freeze, also known as "Freeze Containment", then the next abilities, is the "Freeze Barrage" that she surrounds herself with eight, large ice shards and uses them to attack enemies, and finally the Ice Breath, she maybe be seen with the ice breath, holding the Y button and breathe out a icy cold breath to freeze enemies.

Hero: 108 - Heroes of the Hidden Kingdom - Weapon Edit

Rosefinch uses a minigun, similar to the Team Fortress 2, but it does shoot bullets, just shoots ice shards at enemies.