The primary antagonist of the second season, a two-toned demon who is High Roller's master and uses him in his overall scheme to plunge the world into chaos. Among Twin Masters's powers is the manipulation of unstable chaos energy, making his attacks utterly destructive. A few of the animals know of him from legends, rarely appearing outside his cave until the actions of First Squad force him to reveal himself and take a more active role. In "The Return of the Pterodactyls," he commanded the Bald Eagles to drink the sap from the ancient trees of the Hidden Kingdom which turned them into Pterodactyls. He also turned animals into monsters through schemes involving a storm while having Mighty Ray's eyeballs and later enchanting the Owl Amulet. He hypnotized Second Squad which means he has hypnosis powers. By the end of Season Two, Twin Masters gains enough power to destroy the Hidden Kingdom by assuming a powerful form with a snake tail in place of legs. It took the combined abilities of Big Green and all the Animal Kings and Queens to form the Bronze Giant in order to destroy Twin Masters.